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Liverpool's oldest scaffolding firm.

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Stewart Crowe BSc (Hons) MBA CFIOSH   Assistant Director of Health and Safety

Merseyside scaffolding are a well-established business who proactively work across a myriad of challenging environments, from petrochemical plants to busy city centre Universities, across the Liverpool City Region. An organisation that has continued to work through the Global pandemic to support essential businesses continue to operate safely and an organisation with an impeccable safety record.


 Mike Holloway MD – Holloway Cook Associates Ltd.

We have worked closely with Merseyside Scaffolding Co Ltd on numerous projects over many years.  They are able to offer a level of expertise and experience that is exceptional within the Scaffolding Industry.’


Tony Murphy, Manufacturing Manager at Contract Chemicals, Knowsley.

An experienced Scaffolding organisation that have a positive attitude and approach to support businesses by the provision of a proportionate and proactive reactive service to support the challenges and demands faced by public facing operational organisations. Their supportive nature, their advice and guidance have enabled the successful and safe delivery of multi-million pound Capital Project schemes across the Liverpool City Region.

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Providing the North West of England with quality service and trademark reliability for almost forty years - Merseyside Scaffolding is the oldest scaffolding firm in Liverpool. Our experience expands from the NHS, chemical plants, all the way to domestic jobs. We have been the provider for educational institutes across the city and are waiting to deliver the same level of expertise and service to you.

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