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Liverpool century Cycling Club.

Supporting since 2015, sending young athletes across the UK.

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Liverpool century Cycling Club

This club is one of the oldest cycling clubs in the UK. It did not however have a section for kids so in 2015 when asked if we would get involved, we were happy to do so.


In partnership with one of our

clients, Integral, we were instrumental in getting the kids section off the ground.

These kids went everywhere around the UK, competing in local, national and international events winning even on occasions in what is an extremely tough and competitive sport.

We are proud to be involved and to have helped kids in the area get switched on to this great participation and competitive sport, one with a very rich local tradition.

Liverpool Century Cycling Club
Girls football

Remya cubs Liverpool girls football

Remyca Cubs are a girls football team in the local girls league in the city.

We began sponsorship of the girls in the 2019/20 season and have continued since. The girls have

just been crowned League Champions for a second year in succession under their super coach Tony


The girls have to move into full womens leagues next year so things will become tougher but they

show all of the signs of continuing their success in the seniors.

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Scott Johnson MMA

Scott is someone we have known since he began working for a contract company we deal with, Valleystar, a cleaning outfit, at 16.

He had wrestled all of his life and has in the last year come through the MMA amateur ranks.

He fought professionally in April 2022 at the Olympia in Liverpool in a televised bout for his first fight and won with a first round stoppage.

It’s a great start and Scott will I think go a long way in MMA.

We are proud to be one of Scotts sponsors.

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